What is Learning Management System

Online grocery ordering apps and websites gives the convenience of buying grocery items from mobile or computers. Customers can browse through the items, check prices and order any number of quantities. Sellers get notifications and order details on their web portals. Adding to more convenience customers can make the payment online using debit or credit cards.

This is a complete solution for any grocery ordering business to go online. The system consists of Android and iOS apps for the customers and web based order management and admin panel for the sellers or business owners.

Salient Features

Course management

For creation and updation of courses with course details, fees, durations and materials

Easy Registration and Login

Easy registration and login for students and teachers. Registration can be made free or paid

Student and teacher management

Manage students and teachers, assign teachers to courses, approve teacher’s registrations

Highlight courses and offers

Sliding banner and featured sections for highlighting particular courses and offers or promotions

Fees and subscriptions

Courses can have a onetime fees or monthly subscription. Teacher registration also fee can be set

Goals and Achievements

Create and set various goals or targets for individual or group of students. Students can view their achievements

Tests and Exams

Create and conduct various types of online tests and exams

Classrooms and Lectures

Conduct online audio/visual classes. Students can raise hands (virtually) and ask questions verbally or by writing

File upload and sharing

Upload and share audio/video materials or various types of files for study materials


For drawing and writing by teachers like a classroom board

Group or private classes

Conduct classes for a group of students or for an individual student

Schedules and Calendars

Students and teachers can view their schedules in calendars and can mark dates


Auto notifications on adding of new courses, alerts, reminders, etc

Easy payment options

Various payment gateways can be integrated for ease of payment. Users can save their Credit/Debit cards in the app for faster payments and auto subscription payments

Rating and reviews

Rating and review of teachers and classes can be done


Option for admin to send newsletters to teachers and students

ancel and refund

Cancel any class or subscription easily. Cancellation rules can be customized

Teacher portal

For managing classes, schedules, goals, study materials, etc

No Java download required

Built with latest technology, the solution runs in browsers and no Java plugin required to be downloaded

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